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DEFINITION OF REIKI - A Japanese healing art whereby the practitioner transmits energy to the receipt, often and improves all of the energy systems of the recipient.

Our goal is to restore balance in your physical body, calm your emotional mind and allow you to enter a deeper form of consciousness and connect with your center.

Types of Reiki we offer

Energy Healing with Reiki

Session: 45 - 60 minutes

  • Shamballa is a greater focus on intent and sensing of energies so you can send directly to those spots that are hurting.

  • As with traditional Reiki, Shamballa uses the same energy of chi but doesn’t have to be done in a certain hand position or for any set length of time.

  • It is more about sensing the imbalances in the energy body and helping to correct them directly. For this reason, it is said that Shamballa is a higher vibration as it is working on the etheric level as opposed to the physical level since it doesn’t have to have hands touch the physical body.

  • This means the healing can be transferred faster and more directly to the source of the problem.

  • Shamballa moves energy through your four body systems to clear out any areas that may have energy blocks. These energy blocks can cause the body to not function at it’s optimal level of wellness and can create physical, emotional and mental pain. By removing the energy blocks in these areas, it creates a balance within the body.

  • Shamballa works with the Chakras system. There are seven Chakras located in the body and are the main energy centers. By balancing each Chakra, you essentially balance the entire body.

Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique

Group Session: 2 - 5 ppl, 90 minutes

  • Also called EECT, this gentle, yet powerful modality uses therapeutic-grade essential oils and other energy-balancing techniques to promote a deep and sacred state of connection.

  • The experience is often like an inner vision quest, or heightened state of meditation and mental clarity.

  • During a session, you are anointed with 13 different emotional blends of essential oil, designed to tap into the emotions

  • Each time the technique is received, the experiences will be different

  • Based on an ancient Egyptian ritual for "cleansing the spirit"

  • The Most Common Outcomes:

- Intense state of clarity around current issues

- The gentle release of issues that are causing emotional and physical challenges

- Deep relaxation

- Feelings of emotional bliss and heightened awareness

  • The beautiful aroma of these oils will stimulate memories and emotions, carrying you wherever you need to go in order to reach a state of clarity and understanding.

New to Reiki?

Here are some basic facts:

What are energy therapies?

There are more than 30 energy-based techniques that are used by practitioners to work with clients to effect health and wholeness. Although often referred to as “healers”, Reiki and energy therapy practitioners do not heal. They are simply conduits for and facilitators of this balancing, calming and healing energy. The energy flows through the practitioner, not from the practitioner and the client always receives exactly what is needed. Reiki and energy therapies address disease at the root level of cause.

Benefits of Reiki treatments

  • Enhanced mental clarity

  • Expanded inner vision and creativity

  • Personal and spiritual growth

  • Balanced and harmonized emotions and intuitive awareness

  • Awakened spirit

  • Strengthened immune system

  • Reduced stress, pain and physical discomfort

What to expect from a Reiki session

  • You may feel heat, see colors or other sensations

  • You may feel the energy as it flows through you

  • You may experience a peaceful serenity or gain clarity on an issue

  • You may feel a deep sense of relaxation

  • You may gently receive the energy without any noticeable physical experience at all

  • Clients remain fully clothed and lie down during the session. This is a non-invasive technique which uses only light touch and is often done without direct touching at all.

  • Sessions are 45-60 minutes

"My goal is to restore balance in your physical body, calm your emotional mind and allow you to enter a deeper form of consciousness, which helps connect you to your center.

I incorporate essential oils in the session. Reiki healing and oils are a powerful combination for unblocking energy channels that flow between your chakras. I innately choose the oils that may be specifically called upon for your particular session."

~ Tina Graham

Reiki Master